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The Association's mission is:

- The promotion of safety concerning towing services by implementing optimal work practices adopted by the competent International and Regional Bodies. 

- The promotion and protection of the interests of our members, whose ships provide towing and salvage services to all ships arriving in Greek ports and throughout the Greek maritime territory,

- The representation of the above ships and their shipowners before any authority, administrative, judicial, etc. to support and promote the interests of the Union's members,

- The study and promotion of issues related to the industry and the cooperation with any person or authority, as well as with any related or non-affiliated union, association, organization, league, etc. in order to find the best possible solution to common problems and to deal with them together,

- The study and promotion of issues concerning both Greek and Global shipping and especially referring to our industry,

- The negotiation with maritime labour associations and participating in the preparation or modification of collective labour agreements, or in resolving any related issue, aw well as representing our members before any authority, as a party, 

- And the Union's participation in the process of resolving problems concerning the ships of our members.



Following an electoral process between the members of the Association and in accordance with the procedure set out in the Statute of the Union, the 7 members of the Board of Directors consist of:

                                                                President: Konstantinos Lyboussakis
                                                                Vice President: Konstantinos Makaronas
                                                                Secretary General: Ioannis Zoumboulis
                                                                Treasurer: Theodoros Vamvakaris

                                           And the Members: G. Giannisis , E. Avlonitis, Thr. Stavridopoulos

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